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Redemption :iconbatgirl2013:Batgirl2013 0 0
I'm an angry lover
And I'm all alone
Let me lose control
Cause I don't know how to let go
I'm a vengeful angel
Fallen far from grace
God has left me
I'm alone and afraid
I'm a long lost lover
With a forgotten face
All the time I spent on you
Has wasted away
I'm angry and lonesome
Upset at myself
Even God has left me
But I can't let you go
:iconbatgirl2013:Batgirl2013 1 0
Learn to Feel
When you feel everything and anything all at once
You become overwhelmed
It's easy to block everything out, because that's what you were taught
To suffer silently, these things won't matter
No. You are human. You have emotions, feelings, pain
Feel it. Let it consume you. Embrace it
Do not ever harm others in your consumption.
This is not their battle. It is yours.
Embrace your suffering and grow from it
Make hell your home
And make the Devils within you your slaves
:iconbatgirl2013:Batgirl2013 2 0
My Humanity
This hair has volume,
This brain has insight
This mind has hope.
These eyes shine bright
These cheeks have laughter
These lips have spoken with love
This throat has swallowed anxiety,
These shoulders have held up confidence
These arms have held people together
These hands build happiness
This heart holds compassion
This stomach seldom flips in joy
These hips, they dance,
These feet will move
To the tune I sing aloud.
My humanity has love,
It will save myself, and one day,
May it save someone else too
This is my humanity
I honor it
I present it to the world
:iconbatgirl2013:Batgirl2013 1 3
A Broken Poem
I'm writing a
                                                bro                            ken
One that fits me
It's etched in the crevices of my brain
Written in pain
It has a deep hold of your heart
Because one the words grip your soul
The suffering never stops
:iconbatgirl2013:Batgirl2013 1 9
Is It Worth It?
Recovery is not easy
It's forcing a mantra into your head
'You deserve to live'
Over and over again
It's getting into a routine
Food, pills, write it down
Stop wondering why life is so mean
There are days when you break
And days when you're okay
Recovery is hard
But it's worth it anyway
:iconbatgirl2013:Batgirl2013 2 1
Relapse, the Fallback
You've been happy for weeks!
Things are decent at least
Then they come crashing down
Like concrete crushing your chest
You suffocate in your own tears
And you know you'll be battling for years
:iconbatgirl2013:Batgirl2013 1 0
Am I Pretty?
Only a few pounds left
How do i get rid of those?
Those ugly scars, those blemishes
Unable to look in the mirror
Scrutinizing every cell, why are they so big?
You can't bear your tear stained face
So disgusting, so alien
Why can't you fit in.
Pretty girls don't cry
Pretty girls aren't sad
But I'm not pretty am I?
:iconbatgirl2013:Batgirl2013 2 3
My Happy Place
The powder that flies as the packet rips,
The fizz as it hits the steam
The aroma, easing away your stress
The hypnotic foam, swirling and swirling away your tensions
The calmness, the stillness of it all
The silence of that first meeting,
You're all too accustomed to the initial burn
The flavor sliding over your throat
Easing your senses, enveloping you in warmth
Peace at last, for without this, there is none.
:iconbatgirl2013:Batgirl2013 0 0
Blooming :iconbatgirl2013:Batgirl2013 1 3
Never Letting Go
I'll hold all your broken pieces in my arms
And hope my embrace keeps you from falling apart
As long as i can, I wont ever let go
Just so you know,
I'm not ever letting go of you,
I'll always hold you close to my heart,
Your sharp edges can pierce me all they want,
I'm never letting go of you.
I'll keep my wounds as battle scars,
Knowing you were in my arms,
Safely staying together,
And if you happen to fall apart,
I'll be your guide,
Help you solder yourself anew,
I'll hold all your pieces in my arms,
Until you're ready to stand alone,
Know you won't ever have to,
So long as i'm here,
Waiting for you,
I'm never letting go
of You
:iconbatgirl2013:Batgirl2013 0 0
Running Away
I don't want to stay silent
I want to get better
This feeling is violent
And I'm bound in leather
Help me get well again,
Don't let me fall in vain,
Down this deep hole,
I've forgotten my role
I'm screaming for help now,
I'm trying so hard, to let it go,
You've broken your vow,
And you don't even know
That you broke my shattered pieces
Running away from me
:iconbatgirl2013:Batgirl2013 0 0
Fringed Pinata Box :iconbatgirl2013:Batgirl2013 1 0
Just Shut Up
“Just get over it.”
“You’re just doing it for attention.”
“Just stop focusing on the negative!”
“You just have to start working again!”
“You just-“ Just- Just Stop!
There is nothing to get over.
Would you tell these things to someone with another disease?
It's not that much of a mystery
The world is getting slower.
This pain was not planned,
I never wanted it.
I opened my mouth hoping for help, at least a bit.
But it's a one man band
If i knew your responses,
I'd never have opened my mouth,
Suffering in silence, is preferred, and so is going south,
Than hearing your tune become nonchalant
:iconbatgirl2013:Batgirl2013 0 0
How exhilarating! How great!
To have a feeling you can communicate!
To tell the world! To speak the truth!
If anyone shuns, down vermouth!
How frightening, however, to feel such bliss,
For you know exactly what you've come to miss.
The torture, that embraced you every night,
Will one day come back to haunt your new light.
Then, regretting all those things you've done.
That, my friend, is when you know its won.
:iconbatgirl2013:Batgirl2013 0 0
I bit its circular black bones, letting them crumble in my mouth
I lapped up it's white thick blood
Devouring it whole, its silent screams pleaded for relief
Mercilessly swallowed, never to be seen again
:iconbatgirl2013:Batgirl2013 2 6
Totally forgot that I was trying to make a journal update every month. But better late than never for each and every one of you that reads this (I'm using sarcasm). I'm running ragged with my colleges (yes plural) and work and my family and gosh! There are so many books in the world that my best friend is forcing me to read. A writer must read before they can write. So I will read and try to become better
  • Listening to: Retrograde- Crown the Empire
  • Reading: Empire of Storms- SJ Mass
  • Watching: Galavant
  • Playing: With My Phone
  • Eating: Fish
  • Drinking: Water


Totally forgot that I was trying to make a journal update every month. But better late than never for each and every one of you that reads this (I'm using sarcasm). I'm running ragged with my colleges (yes plural) and work and my family and gosh! There are so many books in the world that my best friend is forcing me to read. A writer must read before they can write. So I will read and try to become better
  • Listening to: Retrograde- Crown the Empire
  • Reading: Empire of Storms- SJ Mass
  • Watching: Galavant
  • Playing: With My Phone
  • Eating: Fish
  • Drinking: Water
Well I'm very conceited because I've now graduated high school. And I'm glad I made it this far. But I have time to post all my works for the year so that's great!! I've been using all my time for prose it seems, but not many seem to like it? Or give feedback on my prose? So I'll stick to poetry, and get what I know done. I hope you guys are happy with how I've been progressing as a writer!! Thank you!
  • Listening to: The Phoenix Reborn- Crown the Empire
  • Reading: Finale-Becca Fitzpatrick
  • Watching: The DaVinci Code
  • Playing: With My Phone
  • Eating: Fish
  • Drinking: Water

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He was ancient, and it was apparent in the way he cracked his bones, and how his silvered hair mussed. It was in the dulled scars on his body, the blank look in his eyes from all that he's seen. And when he's with her, all the years he's spent suffering smother his very breath.
It shouldn't be that way. But she's so hellbent on being optimistic. After all that he's done, she still believes in his salvation. How can she? That hope was beat out of him with each loss he's faced. But a part of him hopes that she could be right. That maybe, just maybe...
Of course, now isn't the time for dwelling on that. Not when she's straddling his hips as he pretends to read. Her lips dancing across the veins on his throat, her hands resting against his broad chest. He shouldn't be dwindling with his past absentmindedly. Not when she's trying to gain his attention, and especially not when she knows how regretful he is of his past.
He feels the book slipping, his hands find their place at her waist. He doesn't deserve this. Her lips meet his passionately, and he gives in. Her hips move in waves and he's trying all that he can to stay focused on her purrs of delight.
His mouth opens to interject, but his words are lost in her mouth and she pulls him closer. Her fingers find their way into his hair, tugging his head back just enough to let her mouth work on his neck. It's so easy for him to let go. To just be able to surrender himself to her ministrations.
His lungs are almost free from the grief he's accumulated. Her embrace makes feel at peace. Her demeanor is so desperate that he can't help but tease. Soon she's clawing at his flesh, whining incoherently in impatient strings of 'hurry up' and 'god, please'. He pulls back, almost reluctantly, pleased that he has brought her to this point. Her face is contorted in ecstasy, and he loses himself in her. Gives in completely to her.
They're pressed against each other as they move in sync, her cheek to his chest. He gingerly tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. She'll tease him about that later. But for now the room is deafened by her pleads.
Soon they're panting, tangled in each other. He watches their chests move in unison. She looks up at him, her eyes content as she nestles into his side. Those eyes filled with the same wonder he was stripped of so long ago.
His bones ache with the stress they've collected, and he knows her lithe body must be worn, but neither of them break contact. They should be attending to other matters, but in that moment, nothing was more important to him than her. 
She stifles a yawn and lazily stretches her arm over him. Oh well, she had her chance to leave. He shifts onto his side, much to her voiced displeasure, and tucks her closer to press a kiss to her head. He's just an old man, he remembers, with responsibilities. But there's no better way to waste his day, than stay close to his love.

This is a short I've been tinkering with, but it's finally edited


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i'm mainly a writer... and an idea person. i do poems... I suck at rhymes though :D I LOVE BATMAN!!! (actually Nightwing's the best of all- just saying) DICK GRAYSON FOREVER!!! :squee:


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